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15 November 2021 - 19 November 2021
Brussels, Belgium
EU Raw Materials Week 2021

Raw Materials Week 2021 - Satellite Events

Joint Euromines / industriAll European Trade Union event : “European extractive industries"

16 November - 15:00 - 16:30

Strategic raw materials are vital for key industrial value chains in Europe and essential for the manufacture of green technologies that will enable Europe to meet its climate objectives. This event will be aimed at presenting the challenges of European extractive industries in sourcing sustainable raw materials for the Green Deal. We will specifically discuss how European domestic mining can help in improving the sustainability of critical raw materials sources for Europe and which are the challenges related to that. By exchanging on best practice experiences of mining in Europe, speakers will also raise their views on what can be improved from a regulatory and technological perspective.  


ERA-MIN 2 Final Conference and Final Seminar of Call 2017 projects

18 November - 14:00 - 19:00
19 November - 13:00 - 16:30

The ERA-MIN 2 Final Conference and Final Seminar of Call 2017 projects is open to the public and will take place in a virtual format. ERA-MIN 2 comprises a progressive, pan-European network of 21 public research funding organisations from 13 EU countries/regions, one EU Associated Country (Turkey) and 4 Non-EU countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and South Africa).
Since 2016, ERA-MIN 2 has strengthen the coordination of research and innovation programmes in the field of non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials (construction, industrial and metallic minerals) through funding of demand driven research on primary and secondary resources, and substitution of critical raw materials under a circular economy approach. Through 3 joint transnational calls, ERA-MIN gave the opportunity to the raw materials community to apply to world-wide coordinated funding, gaining access to leading knowledge and new markets, while reducing fragmentation of R&I funding across Europe and globally.
The ERA-MIN 2 Final Conference will show the achievements after 5 years bridging with the recent successor pan-European network on raw materials - ERA-MIN3 (2020-2025). The Final Seminar of Call 2017 projects will gather all the funded projects representatives from the ERA-MIN 2 Research Programme to disseminate their project results to stakeholders and promote the uptake of project results by end-users, civil society or policymakers. Indeed, the final project results could contribute to the JRC RMIS Knowledge Gate. Moreover, applied research projects ending at TRL 4-5 could apply to EIT RM calls for scale-up towards higher TRL levels and the market.


Lightweighting as a Contribution to the EU’s Green Deal

18 November - 09:00 - 11:00

The demand for raw materials is continuously increasing in Europe and globally. Lightweighting materials and lightweight design are a promising way to reduce both, the demand for energy and resources. In this respect, lightweighting can contribute substantially to the European Green Deal which strives for a climate neutral economy by 2050. Europe’s carbon and graphite sector is key to several ecosystems such as e-mobility, aerospace, defence, renewables, digital economy and general engineering and manufacturing.
This webinar is hosted by the European Multi-material Lightweight Alliance and with support of ECGA and Composites United.



18 November - 10:30 -12:30

The EU-funded ROBOMINERS project (grant agreement nº 820971) will be hosting its second Clustering Event on the 18 November 2021. The first featured presentations from 10 EU-funded raw materials projects. The second event will take a hybrid format (online and in person) and will connect the ROBOMINERS project experts at a meeting in Leoben, Austria and local stakeholder clustering groups, in conjunction with the Raw Materials Week 2021 (Brussels, Belgium).
In order to assure a sustainable, socially and environmentally friendly supply of raw materials in the future, exploitation of raw materials will need to become more automatic, by removing people from mines, and replacing them with autonomous or remotely controlled machines. However, there are many technical challenges which need to be overcome. Therefore, the topic of this 2nd ROBOMINERS Clustering Event is “The key technological obstacles towards a fully autonomous robotic mining (eco)system”. In this event, new, innovative and future-potential technologies from the raw materials value chain that might become a staple and shift the future outlook of mining towards more sustainable and socio-economic benefits will be presented and discussed.
A number of EU projects and initiatives that are supporting these changes on the mining landscape are invited to present and discuss the outcomes and potential of their technologies, services and products. The first part of the event will present several short (5′) presentations on key technological challenges, followed by a roundtable with participants to further explore possibilities, foster collaboration and contribute to solve these challenges.


The Svemin Autumn Summit 2021 – Mine the Future

18 November 13:00-14:30

"The Svemin Autumn Summit (Svemins Höstmöte), is the annual mining conference, gathering over 200 leading representatives of the Swedish mining industry as well as decisionmakers from politics and governmental authorities. Attend virtually or join us at the venue in Stockholm, Sweden". More information: https://www.svemin.se/en/news/...


ERMA’s First Birthday

19 November 09:00-10:00 

Bernd Schäfer, CEO of EIT RawMaterials, will open the meeting with introductory words about ERMA. He will be followed by Massimo Gasparon, Director of ERMA, who will give an overview of ERMA's achievements for the past year and announce the plans for 2022. 


‘MINE THE GAP’ - supporting SMEs in the 10 challenges of XXI Century mining for a sustainable supply of raw materials to EU Industry

19 November 10:00-13:00 

MINE.THE.GAP is an Innosup-01 project with the clear aim of bringing together SMEs from the raw materials and mining sector for a more digital, greener, and circular mining value chain. MINE.THE.GAP is targeting solutions in the top ten challenges and needs required to achieve a sustainable supply of raw materials for EU economy and it’s green transition, ensuring the progress and wellbeing of EU citizens.

The project is supporting SMEs ideas and transformation by means of innovation voucher schemes and cascade funding, with two EU open calls. During this event the project will be presented and the open calls and application procedure will be introduced to the audience. A technology showcase will be offered to those SMEs with forefront ideas in the raw materials sector, including awarded SMEs and projects in the first round of open calls


The road to a sustainable and circular value chain for wind energy

19 November - 9:00 -12:00

Initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, over 150 stakeholders including industry, authorities, research institutes, NGO’s representing the complete value chain of wind energy have joined forces to analyse needs, opportunities and risks on the road towards a sustainable and circular value chain for wind energy. Three working groups have studied knowhow, regulations and industry status, from mining and refining through production, end-use, re-use and re-furbish and recycling all aimed at saving materials at its highest value possible. The ultimate goals is to organise and start up circularity hubs across Europe that will render Europe less vulnerable to imported raw (critical) materials and will generate jobs in a business worth 25 billion Euro between now and 2050.


In the black'21 workshop

19 November - 13:30

IN THE BLACK’21, focusing this year on “IMPACT ASSESSMENT FOR FUTURE EXPLOITATION OF UNDERWATER MINERALS”, is expected to generate renewed momentum to the Raw Materials Community in general. In addition to strengthening the connections between the IN THE BLACK community, we aim to redefine future enabling strategies.

This year IN THE BLACK will be the driving force to set up the "Portuguese" Raw Materials Week that will include two important side events: the MineHeritage Project FINAL MEETING (funded by the EIT Raw Materials Academy), and the inSITE Workshop (Upscaling project funded by EIT Raw Materials). This week will take place between 23-26 November in Porto (Portugal) at the School of Engineering of Porto|ISEP. WEBSITE: http://www.strongmar.eu/site/in-the-black-2021-123


Green anodes: Making Europe a leader in low carbon batteries
23 November 9:00- 10:00

Realising the European Green Deal and our vision for decarbonising the transport sector will shoot up the battery demand. It will be key to ensure that we don’t export our environmental footprint to third countries and preserve our strategic autonomy in critical supply chains. There are many opportunities within the EU borders itself to advance these goals. One of the key elements is recycling which is talked about a lot.

But the EU has also potential for developing local value chains, where the high EU standards of production would apply.

Join us in this session to discuss opportunities to develop a European low carbon battery value chain that provides not only climate and environmental benefits, but also boosts local industry and provides jobs. Explore with this panel of industry representatives and policy makers what does it take to kick off some strong local projects, such as European green battery anode refinery.

Join us

MineHeritage Project FINAL MEETING
23 November 

The project is coming to an end... Or not? This meeting will bring together all Partners that were involved in MineHeritage Project to present the final results! You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear about this amazing educational project which combined several scientific fields. We hope you can join us virtually and engage with the EIT Raw Materials community! Welcome to MineHeritage, find out everything about the project because this is only the beginning of a great geo-adventure!

More information


25 -26 November 

If you want to learn more about LIBS and about inSITE project, do not miss this opportunity that will also include a technical exhibition at INESCTEC's, Centre for Robotics and Autonomous Systems. During the exhibition you will be face-to-face with several researchers involved in numerous projects, including inSITE, and you will have the opportunity to understand how the autonomous systems work, as well as other several technologies. You will be able to get to know the most renowned speakers in the area of LIBS, underwater technologies, geo-robotics, mineral resources exploration, and many other fields will be covered! inSITE Workshop will enable networking between students, researchers, and stakeholders.



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